La Bonne Etoile Artists Retreat was specifically developed to assist artists and writers who would benefit from an experience in another culture, along with a time of seclusion and solitude. But through the years it has developed into more....a community of friends. La Bonne Etoile Blog has been designed to expand the richness of that community by continuing the quest to create and recreate together.
La Bonne Etoile workshops are ALL-INCLUSIVE, starting and ending with hospitality shuttles to and from any Paris airport. Our workshop instructors are well known for quality, patient instruction for all levels of students. contact for full information. Be sure to visit the individual websites of the artists, you will find links to La Bonne Etoile workshop information there as well.

The Dyer Disciples Have Arrived

KathleenHeadshot55And just like that, I find myself in workshop number two of the summer. This workshop features Margaret Dyer, a highly acclaimed pastellist and La Bonne Etoile veteran. This is her fifth workshop here and the word must have really gotten around because we are FULL. Ten women from across the globe (some quite literally) have traveled to this quaint French village to study Margaret’s exciting approach to portraying the human form in pastel. I have to admit, watching her demo on the first night was so exciting for me that I couldn’t wait to try it the next morning. The way she masses in shapes with vibrant colors and then works to refine the shapes is pretty brilliant, and the results are really gorgeous. A fleshy thigh that appears quite realistic at first glance possesses hints of turquoise, orange, and purple with closer inspection. The first day I was so amazed at the work that this group was able to produce following her method- when I walked into the studio I thought that Margaret had put some of her own work up to serve as examples! As far as the group goes, this is a lively and diverse bunch to say the least. Four returning participants, three from Tasmania (an island off the southeast coast of Australia), and one from New Jersey. We have Texans, Atlantans, and a few from the northeast corner of the U.S. Each meal is a riot- I am currently compiling a list of phrases that I’ve heard around the dinner table, I will report back towards the close of the workshop. The weather has warmed up, the garden is transitioning from white to yellow, and the food may in fact be getting even better. Life is good. I have now finished my Orange Jaipur tea and I think I’ll go for a bike ride before dinner. Until next time.

Note, apologies to Kathleen for the tardiness in this posting. But, many thanks for her notes on the Dyer workshop. Kristina

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