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Juggling Jello

Kippy Hammond

Kippy Hammond

Have you wondered where the promised posts have been since our launch? Well….we¬† have the perfect reason….we are just back from the states and can share…”It is a girl!!!” for the family. Nope, not a new grand baby…but a beautiful new daughter-in-law. Our first….and needless to say, we are very excited for Lappin & Soledad and look forward to their return to La Bonne Etoile as husband and wife. Ooh, that stills makes me teary.

Now, on to the blog….With the launch, we are continuing to learn all kinds of things about the new world of blogging. We know many of you have registered as members to the blog, as well as subscribed to be notified of new posts. However, in our novice condition, we can’t really distinguish between the two, so, we are asking you to try and leave a comment on any of the posts to see if you are, indeed, registered members. If your comment is not accepted, then you have only subscribed and will want to register for full membership privileges.

If you find you haven’t really registered, then click the link in the right sidebar that says Register and you will be taken to the next step of registration. When you receive the verification email, click on the link in the text and ….oh yes…be sure to watch your spam folder for this email…..many of you have found the email there…..For more complete instructions see the Off Like a Herd of Turtles post or view the page named Subscribe.

About those much anticipated posts… are four new ones as a bit of catch up. You may get more than one notification of new posts this time, as we are sending the notification in numerous ways until we all get these details of the blogging world under our belt!!

Personally, I am eager to get these logistics taken care of so I can do my share of writing. The series on experimentation called Battlestar Gallacticathe lesson for artists is already written in my head, on its way to a post.

But, at the very least…..this spring is giving me plenty of opportunities for perfecting my skills at juggling Jello….a necessary skill for any practicing artist.


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  • carolyndesud

    Kippy, Congratulations to Lappin and Soledad…..and to you. The pictures were wonderful. Thanks for sending them. Just back from a long cruise…it was great but always a joy to be home.
    Love to all….Carolyndesud