La Bonne Etoile Artists Retreat was specifically developed to assist artists and writers who would benefit from an experience in another culture, along with a time of seclusion and solitude. But through the years it has developed into more....a community of friends. La Bonne Etoile Blog has been designed to expand the richness of that community by continuing the quest to create and recreate together.
La Bonne Etoile workshops are ALL-INCLUSIVE, starting and ending with hospitality shuttles to and from any Paris airport. Our workshop instructors are well known for quality, patient instruction for all levels of students. contact for full information. Be sure to visit the individual websites of the artists, you will find links to La Bonne Etoile workshop information there as well.

Birdsall Workshop Wrap-Up


KathleenHeadshot55 I now feel like I can truly comprehend the meaning of the phrase “gone in the blink of an eye.” I feel like I blinked and the workshop whizzed right past me. What an amazing two weeks we have had. Through rain and shine, this group of women painted everywhere and everything. Getting up and leaving by 7:30 AM to capture the morning light in a painting was not unheard of, and on the days that we were confined to studio painting, everyone’s en plein air kits sat waiting, just in case the rain subsided and we could rush off to some garden or vista. Sometimes we were gone for an entire day, painting and picnicking and enjoying the scenery for hours upon hours. We traveled to Paris together to visit museums, braved the bird show spectacular in Provins, and stood in awe at the incredible magnitude of Vaux le Vicomte. Needless to say, I will never forget these women, and I feel confident in saying that they will never forget this experience either. The vernissage showcased the beautiful paintings that they were able to complete while here, and each board showed growth and evolution in the painting of each student. If this workshop is a preview of the remainder of my stay here, then I am in for an incredible summer.

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