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“The Buzz”…Center stage….take a bow…

Kippy Hammond

Kippy Hammond

I have wonderful news for our first post to The Buzz Page…….

Those of you who have read our book “Melangez Avec Amour” about Creative Retreats and French Cooking (A wonderful mix, I must say) are familiar with our use of the term ” Ratcheting Up” to describe the type of advancement we all hope to make in our creative endeavors. Well, we have just been notified that one of our own La Bonne Etoile Alums has done just that!!  Vicki Ross just received an acceptance letter for her painting “Peony” in the IAPS 13th Juried Exhibition at the prestigious Ventana Fine Art Gallery June 5-8, 2009 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This exhibition will feature 60 pastel paintings selected by juror, Doug Dawson from a field of more than 300 entries from the nations’ leading pastelists, and Vicki’s “Peony” will be right up there representing all of us.

Vicki came in 2006 with her first art instructor, Susan Edgmon and a group from Arkansas. Susan turned the teaching of this workshop over to me (Kippy Hammond) during their month long stay. Vicki and I ducked into the studio for a few sessions in pastel when she returned to serve as Art Director for the cookbook. Later that year she returned to La Bonne Etoile to study with Ann Templeton and in 2008 with Leslie B. DeMille.

Of course, everyone associated with La Bonne Etoile and the workshops, whether staff, instructors, or supporters want to puff their chest out a little for the part they played in teaching and creating a sacred place for good things to happen…..

but we are just the chorus this time and the center stage belongs to Vicki.


Vicki Ross…..take a bow!!

Now, I know that my last post was also about Vicki and her roll as our Clothesline Gallery manager….but there is a lot of news out there that needs to be shared. Send us news about yourself and other Alums and let us toot the horn for you.

Don’t forget to send a congratulatory note to Vicki at

Here is the juried painting…



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